Webcast: Future of Cyber Defence

Webcast: Future of Cyber Defence

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We are proud to announce an outstanding speaker and international top-expert to this webcast about cyber defence.

Nadav Zafrir is the Founding Partner of Team8, a leading think tank and company builder rethinking the process of accelerating companies› growth, that has launched 8 companies in the last 6 years. Prior to founding Team8, Nadav was the commander of the IDF’s intelligence unit (Israel Defense Forces). The dialogue will be moderated by Uwe Kissmann, Managing Director – Cyber Defence Europe & LATAM, Accenture Security.

Do not miss this discusstion along the following questions, which will be answered by Nadav Zafrir:

  • What do you observe as the “as-is” reality in cyber defence, if you meet organization in Switzerland and in Europe?
  • What do you think, we lack the most in cyber defence?
  • What is the “secret sauce” of the Israeli cyber ecosystem? Can you please explain us, how Israel is identifying and developing its cyber talents from their years as a teen?
  • If you think about C- levels of the western world companies: what do you think, do they lack with regards to actionable knowledge in cyber?


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