Annual Meeting 2019

Europe is struggling, and things aren't getting any easier. Economies are weakening, national debts are causing concern, populism is on the rise, Brexit with its unforeseeable consequences is unresolved, and there's no end to the migration crisis. All this carries risks for Europe – and Switzerland.

The global situation is also having a negative impact: the trade dispute with the USA, conflicts with Russia, and China's growing hunger for power are putting Europe on the defensive. Is there a way out of these straits for Europe – if so, what are the possible solutions?

And what of Switzerland? Economic growth still seems robust, but a slowdown is just around the corner. At the same time, relations with Europe are at a crossroads. It all centres on the age-old question: more closeness or greater distance? The Europa Forum in Lucerne has been shining light in the darkness of confusion for 20 years.